Cover picture © Credits to fotosearch
Cover picture © Credits to fotosearch
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Travelers paradise-Valbonë Valley National Park

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Ocuppying an area of 8,000 hectares, Valbona Valley National Park is considered to be the hidden gem of Albanian Alps or known as "Albanian miracle of Alps". Located in Tropoja District, this park borders with Kosovo to the northeast and with Montegro to the northwest. It's a magicily wild mountainous region in which inhabit people that take care of their stunning homes and that are trying to contribute more in the development of tourism. The name of this park, Valbona, derives from the same name of the river that flows through the valley. Within the park are situated 4 picturesque villages named :Dragobi, Valbona, Cerem and Rragam.


Picture © Credits to ilresi_18

This National Park gives you the impression of entering in another world...the magnificient nature, the alpine houses, water crystal clear and the road that never ends seem to take you into another dimension. The everchanging nature plays with colours of each season and everytime you go, it happens to discover something new.

Valbona, day by day is attracting lots of tourists and to be honest i am not even surprised considering the things that this place offers. There you can do a lot of outdoor activities starting from skiing, mountain climbing, treeking, cannoeing or you can just hit the road like a passionate, curious traveller.


How to go there:

From Tirana-Bajram Curri, it costs 8€ and from B.Curri-Valbona National Park it costs 2€.


1.Rragami Sprouce 2.Valbona sources. 3.Dragobia Cave 4.Glacial Valleys of Kukaj

Where to stay:

1.Hotel Margjeka 2.Rilindja 3.Guesthouse/hostel 4.Rezidenca 5.Camping

Furthermore, don't forget to taste some traditional albanian food once you go there...It's so delicious!

Have a nice stay!

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