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A heart-shaped emerald - Trnovačko Lake

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If you have already chosen Sutjeska National Park and Perućica Rainforest, as your next hiking destinations, one more point has to be added to your list in order to make it perfect voyage - Trnovačko Lake. It is in the near proximity and it is an absolute must-see place.

Just when you see its heart shape, it will be enough to fall in love at first sight with it. And the feeling will be even stronger when you pay attention to its amazing emerald colour. One thing is sure, hardly anyone can resist this lake, certainly the most beautiful one in the region.

This glacial lake is situated at altitude of 1517m, in the northwest of Montenegro and very close to the border with Bosnia & Herzegovina. Nested in the middle of a huge amphitheatre of rocky peaks, Trnovačko Lake is surrounded by mountains Maglić, Volujak, Vlasulja, Bioč and Trnovački Durmitor. All those amazing mountains reflect in blue-green water of the lake.

The lake is not easily reachable, which makes it a favourite destination for many hikers. There are only two ways to reach this place – either from the direction of Plužine (Montenegro) or from the direction of Foča (Bosnia & Herzegovina). Both ways imply several hours of hiking.

Near the lake is Perućica Rainforest, one of the last two remaining primeval forest in Europe, but also Sutjeska National Park, a top-class destination for hikers, climbers and nature lovers. However, if fly-fishing your thing, you should expect unforgettable and very fruitful experience as well.

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Ljiljana Krejic

I am Ljiljana, from Bosnia & Herzegovina. Being a journalist, I can't escape from that perspective when travelling. My mission is to make you explore the last Europe’s undiscovered gem.

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