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Trondheim - Viking king Olav's city

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Travel Tips For Trondheim

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With all the kings of Norway who did spectacular things, it's hard to find a favorite. A solid choice would be Saint Olav. Even though he failed in the battle of Sticklestad and died. Nevertheless, it was sufficient that he was killed there so that he could be graved in Trondheim. The supremest Viking city. Not too big to explore and the lost-in-the-crowd factor is low. An even norther viking place is to be read about in ''A meditative state called Lofoten''.

Our Church Nidarosdomen

His grave is in Nidarosdomen. The most important church in Norway. This is a big deal considering that not a lot of our churches are so important on the world spectrum. Nidarosdomen is a hugely important pilgrimage throughout history. Traveling has continuously been significant. You get to see new horizons. It can also be significant for you too. The vikings used to travel a lot.

Our bridge Gamle bybro

Trondheim has a significant practical monument. The old city bridge or ''Gamle Bybroen'' in Norwegian.

Our pub Antikvariatet

If you want to hear local bands then go to Antikvariatet. A very local pub with awesome Norwegians and band music for your entertainment. They have a solid basis of beers. They have books too.

Our brewery Mikrobryggeri

I will advise you to visit MikroBryggeri and have a beer with the lads there. They create the beer themselves. They promise me that they did this since 1998. This business is their lifeblood as well, and they work quite hard.

Our cake shop Mormors stue

Go to Mormors Stue for coffee and cake if you want your life to show you the sweeter side of reality. I warn you that after going here there's no going back. It's like watching the best movie in the world and after that, the rest of the movies you watch tend to become just another two hours of brain-dead time-consuming.

Who is this city for?

This city is for the history enthusiasts. The person who questions if they have inherited Viking blood. As we know, the Vikings were all over Europe to spread their love and desires. So who knows? You might be one of them.

How we see Olaf the saint

How we view Olaf the saint is to strongly associate him with national identity and Norwegian independence. Romantic Nationalism between 1840-1870 had Olaf the saint as a central symbol. This would be seen in art, literature, pop-culture. He was a symbol that separated us from Danish culture.

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