Ulcinj - the oldest town in Montenegro

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Ulcinj is the oldest town in Montenegro. It is known as a town of myths, stories and legends. Great amount of them are about pirates and time when they ruled the Adriatic coast. They used to raid the merchant ships and steal their goods. They were also known as slave traders. There is a legend saying that one of the greatest writers of all time - Miguel de Servantes was actually imprisoned as a slave in Ulcinj. The legend explains how the inspiration for Don Quixote's Dolcinea was the beautiful lady from Ulcinj, which at that time was called Dolcino.

Nowadays, Ulcinj is a city of contrasts: it is a mixture of traditional and modern; it's perfect for families seeking for calm rest as well as for youngsters craving for the craziest parties and festival experiences. Beautiful coastal roads, full of amazing viewpoints, bring you from inner country to this interesting town. Ulcinj is close to Albanian border and you can feel Albanian culture on every corner. When in Ulcinj, I enjoy visiting the Old town and Valdanos Bay. As for swimming, there are inevitable beaches like Velika Plaza and Ada Bojana.

The Old Town

This antique part of the town, with its narrow and curvy streets gives you the chance to feel the spirit of ancient times. First Illyrian, then Ottoman influences made this town look different and special. The citadel-fortress that dominates the town has one of the most amazing viewpoints to the sea. Nowadays, it is used as a hosting location for many cultural events.

Inside the town, small cafes and restaurant are making the streets even more charming and colorful.

Velika Plaza beach and Ada Bojana

Velika Plaza known also as Copacabana beach (referring to the beach in Rio de Janeiro) is the longest beach on the Adriatic coast. It is a sandy beach, 12 km long, with many bars offering refreshments and food. Velika Plaza is a well known kitesurfing spot. Thanks to the wind, that is almost every afternoon present here, this beach is perfect for beginners as well as for advanced surfers.

Ada Bojana is an island created by a river delta of the Bojana River. Ada Bojana became popular in the 70's when a nudist complex of apartments, bungalows and camp was built. Nowadays, it is one of the favorite places for young people. Along the right bank of Bojana river, there are many small wooden houses for renting as well as some of the best fish restaurant on our coast.

Valdanos Bay

Valdanos Bay is one more particular site in Ulcinj. This beautiful bay, besides Valdanos Beach, hides one of the largest olive grove in the Mediterranean. There are about 18 thousand olive trees, which are on average 800 years old. Its ecological and economic value is outstanding.

As you can see, there are many valuable sites in Ulcinj, the oldest town in Montenegro. With the great amount of sunny days, this city has many places which one can explore and it is always interesting to come back. Whether you prefer calm rest or crazy parties, Ulcinj has it all!

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