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Unique Cinemas of London

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Travel Tips For London

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It is believed that nowadays the cinema culture is slowly dying because we all have Netflix and many other online platforms to watch films in the comfort of our homes, well I don't really get that. For me getting out of home, going to a place with a huge screen where I do not have to focus on nothing but the film is a bliss...and of course the popcorn always tastes much better in a cinema. Even though I am a cinema lover, there is this one factor that makes sense to me when it comes to skipping a weekly cinema session which is the money issue, going to the cinema is kind of expensive, especially if you are living in London. I came up with a solution to this issue, I replace cinema with an activity I plan to do on a weekend, I still spend the money but instead of just going to my local cinema I search for unique alternatives and places, so it is actually not only watching films but actually an adventure so the money seems worth it:) I want to share some of my favorite spots with you and maybe you can choose one for a date night:)

Arthouse Cinema, Crouch End

Arthouse to me is a total unique experience of Friday night cinema in North London. this small independent cinema screens mainstream content alongside alternative content. So whether you are a fan of festival films or the popular picks, Arthouse will have something on board for your taste. There is one more reason the Arthouse is the perfect destination for the Friday night....The Bar! This lovely cinema welcomes you with a stylish bar where you can also find art exhibitions and live music performances.

Backyard Cinema

This is where it gets all crazy! This cinema night will be nothing like you have experienced before. Backyard cinema is London's first themed cinema, from Miami beach to the Snow Kingdom, you can watch your films in an atmosphere all created for the specific concept. The ticket prices vary from 7.50 to 70 pounds, depending on your choice of a package, you can always just go to enjoy the vibe and watch a film or spend some bills and have a date night with a bottle of fizz. The tickets sell out really fast so make sure that you plan your night couple weeks ahead.

The Phoenix Cinema

I would describe The Phoenix Cinema as a cozy experience with the old school vibes. Sometimes a nostalgic atmosphere, inspiring architecture, a glass of wine and home made cakes gives a relaxing twist to your cinema experience. The Phoenix cinema offers much more than that, here you can catch the latest films as well as the classics, if you are not in the mood for a film then maybe opera or theatre... all up to you. Just make sure to book your tickets beforehand as it is a very popular location.

I will list the links to the official websites of the cinemas as well as some activities to do before or after the film:)

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Idil Birben

Idil Birben

I am Idil from Istanbul, Turkey, and am currently living in London. I write about my own experiences in these countries.

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