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What I mean with this article, is to show you activities for the persons with a curious mind. I have always thought of Austria as a city for intellectuals. This does not mean all Austrians are always intelligent. Just because a person doesn't fit a generality doesn't prove the generality false.

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My internal vision of Vienna

Austria makes me think of classical music that starts playing and there are people performing in a theater and there are well-dressed people with big hats clapping sophisticatedly.

It's about the artists

I didn't include churches, government buildings and the like. Because this article is focused on the creative people of Vienna who is more linked to art than politics. There are a maybe few smart people in government. But here they are not included. Buildings like the Schönbrunn castle is too touristic and too mainstream for you and me who might declare ourself "cool people". My ideas for activities are at worst classified as "touristic for Smarties".

A little idea you can think of when you're in Vienna

When you walk around in the westernized streets with really amazing old school high society style on them it will be nicer if you approach things with curiosity and imagination. It has to be both of those qualities. If you only have curiosity you will look at something and check it out and that's it. With only imagination, you won't look at things and just stay in your head like you do at home (or maybe you're not in your head at home and instead just on your phone). So mix those two things together and here's why:

You observe an old Viennian man on the street with his hands on the back and you get curious. So you stare. After that, you begin imagining what his life is like. Who his kids are. What he did to survive when he was young. Did he write articles? How did he survive the military? Then you are reminded of historical things you remembered from Wikipedia that happened around here and how it resulted in what it's like now. I would like you to become so curious that you dare to go talk with this person. If you do that (which is a really challenging thing sometimes), you will be so happy that you did because of the emotions you experience when approaching and asking and waiting that endless second for an answer. The emotions of happiness will be covered with fear and the reward comes after you unpack the situation let's say. It is a similar formula when I am jumping off cliffs into the water. I know how exciting it will be to do it. But there is a risk that I get hurt after jumping. After jumping there is no going back. I have to go through it. So I mentally prepare myself before I jump. I try to relax, I try to not think so much and just go for it. I am creating up a live and let live mentality.

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