Cover picture © Credits to Wojciech-P
Cover picture © Credits to Wojciech-P
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Vis and its hidden underwater gems

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Vis, a gorgeous island often in the shadow of the big islands in the middle of the Adriatic, is also known as a diving paradise. It is a home to some of the most interesting Adriatic wrecks - ships and airplanes on the sea floor. The hidden underwater gems are many on the Vis island and diving is one of the calmest sports and leisure time activities. So, treat yourself while you are in Croatia, your body and mind will be eternally thankful.

Hvar, Brač, Korčula, and Mljet, dominant and big Adriatic islands, have never stolen the show when we talk about Vis. In fact, Vis is one of the smallest islands in the Adriatic, but its charm, charisma and perfect position made it a great place for a quiet vacation. Vis, besides its natural beauties above the sea level, offers a totally new world under the sea. Hidden gems are on every few kilometers. Come and explore them.

Picture © Credits to: Nino Pavisic

On Vis, the diving societies, that offer their services, are all claiming one thing: "this underwater world you will not see anywhere else". And it's like that. Besides the corals and beautiful fish, Vis underwater world is "decorated" with a dozen of the ships and airplane wrecks. The airplanes from the World War II, the ships from the 19th century and some of them from the last decade of the 20th century. The most interesting is definitely diving around those wrecks that tell a story, each one its own. Some of them are the witnesses of the past wars, and some of are just the wrecks from unknown times. The experienced scuba divers from the Vis island will show you all the points of the wrecks in the sea, and you can always choose which one you will visit. Additionally, they will tell the story of each ship or airplane wreckn as well as flora and fauna of a deep sea life.

Picture © Credits to: Yacht rent

Together with its depending small islands and islets, Vis is home to two beautiful caves. The first one is known as a blue pearl of the Adriatic, and the other one has my favorite color - green. We are talking about Blue and Green caves. Visit the Blue Cave (Blue Grotto) on the island Biševo between 11 and 12 AM, and you will be amazed by how nature is brilliant and the cave's blue color will stay in your mind forever.

Blue cave in Biševo
Blue cave in Biševo
Modra špilja, 21485, Biševo, Croatie

The Green Cave is located on the Vis' southeastern neighbor - island Ravnik. You can reach it only by organized boats. In all the towns on the island Vis, you can book a tour of the Green Cave. There you can spend some time (1-2 hours) and enjoy this natural phenomenon, where a small sun-ray is entering the sea and getting all down to the sea floor. It seems like the sun drilled a hole in the rock. Here, you can swim, dive or just enjoy the easy ride on a boat.

Picture © Credits to: Yacht Rent

Green Caves / Zelena špilja
Green Caves / Zelena špilja
21480, Griže, Croatia

Vertical caves, underwater passages, ship and airplane wrecks, corals, a deep blue color and a silence disturbed with some bubbles and sounds of breading. Sounds perfect? And it is. Come, visit Vis and its underwater hidden gems, and book a ticket for the next year because definitely, you will come back.

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