Visit Freud's favourite island: Rügen!

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If you are a big fan of sandy beaches and canopies of chestnut and oak trees, Rügen island is the best island for you. This amazing island is located in the Baltic Sea and belongs to Germany! It is known that Thomas Mann, Albert Einstein, and Sigmund Freud visited this gorgeous island all the time. So, why not you too? It's gorgeous chalk cliffs was also painted by Romantic artist Caspar David Friedrich in 1818! Germany is blessed with several cute islands but Rügen stands out with its size. It is the biggest island in Germany! The environment is so gorgeous, you never want to leave here. The island is jeweled with white-sand beaches and white chalk cliffs. You can enjoy the bluest Baltic Sea and also golf, climb, windsurf, canoe, dive and even enjoy hot balloon trips! If you want some alone time, you can also enjoy plenty of quiet corners to escape the crowds. It is definitely the best getaway if you are looking for an island experience in the north! So, grab your swimsuit and trainers, and enjoy the lovely Rügen!

You can reach Rügen with a car along Germany's longest bridge from Stralsund on the German mainland. If you want to use the seaway, you can use a ferry. You can also use the regional train from Stralsund to Sassnitz and Ostseebad Binz or you can take the long distance trains travel to Ostseebad Binz!

Jasmund National Park is a great place to start exploring this gorgeous island. This park is the country's smallest national park but has the best view rising 118 meters out of the sea. It is definitely the best place to admire the beautiful primeval beach forests! After climbing there, you can visit the cute cafe of the park and enjoy your time.

Sellin Pier, a gorgeous beach resort, should be your next stop. You can enjoy this beach resort any time during the day. In the early morning, you can have a lovely walk along the beach with seagulls or you can enjoy the sun and the white sand beach at the rest of the day. You can also marry here with your significant other or celebrate your special moments! Watching the sunset is also a big plus.

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