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Visit Zagreb on a bicycle

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Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, is not only bicycle friendly but the bicycle friendliest city. During the winter, the best advent is the one in Zagreb; Easter egg is maybe the biggest in – Zagreb; the city with the biggest number of bicycles in the Balkans is – guess again, Zagreb. We wrote about unique museums in Zagreb and where to find them. Now I will convince you why and how visiting all those museums is easier and healthier on a bicycle.

Follow the red path or just follow the path lined with yellow color and you will join thousands of bicycle enthusiasts on Zagreb's streets. For many years in a row, Zagreb has been kind of Balkans capital of bicycles. The city is doing its best to make bicycle rides even easier. Parking lots for bikes are visible in front of all faculties, schools, parks, and shopping centers. Prepare your helmet to protect your head, a chain to lock your bike and smile to meet the city in its best shape.

The city of Zagreb is meshed with the huge net of bicycle routs and paths. Apart from health benefits, riding a bicycle is also a great gesture towards nature because we will use less cars and that said less exhausted gases in the air. Zagreb is a paradise for bike lovers – more than 500 bicycle parking lots, more than 300 km of bicycle paths, and 200.000 cyclists. If you live in Zagreb it will be normal to move around on your bicycle – whether you are going to work, school and college, spending a night out, attending a festival or just shopping.

If you’re a tourist, Zagreb offers many different bike-tours. Some of them are educational as well, some of them are short, some are long and might be exhausting but in any case the feeling will be amazing. And don’t worry, Zagreb's lower town is pretty flat so it will make your ride even more enjoyable. While on a bicycle, don’t miss to join some bike tours around city, also don’t miss to ride near the Sava River and to visit Zagreb’s natural sights – Bundek lake/park, Zrinjevac park and its beautiful music pavilion or Maksimir park. And if you consider yourself a skilled cyclist then you should visit Medvednica nature park on a bicycle. In the Maksimir park you can spend hours and hours cycling around and always you will see something new. And if you consider yourself a skilled cyclist then you should visit Medvednica nature park on a bicycle.

Whether going alone or in group, seeing Zagreb on a two-wheeler will be healthy, conscientious towards nature and full of fun. And the most important - it will be possible and safe. What I can suggest is to rent a bike (there are many places to do it) and join some groups; it will be more fun and you will learn something new about Zagreb and its culture and history.

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