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Visiting London on a Budget

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Travel Tips For London

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London being one of the most expensive cities in the world makes it harder for travelers to include this city in their budget travel plans. But nothing is impossible! You can still spend minimum amount of money and enjoy the full London experience. If you want to how, keep reading.

First of all if you are not from Europe, save up a little for more for your London budget since the British Pound is a little expensive compared to currencies other than the Euro. London offers great hostels to the visitors who are looking for an affordable choice of accommodation, further more if you chose hotels or hostels a bit far away from the city centre you can save more for your daily activities in the city. The public transportation within the city is fairly cheap and the underground is one of the best in Europe. you can easily pick up a tube map and take it to almost every corner of the city.

I must say London is home to some amazing restaurants and bars but eating out in one of those every night will damage you entire budget, instead maybe try one of them as a treat during you trip. Super markets such as Asda and Aldi are cheaper than the well known Tesco and weirdly the turkish restaurants offer some great value tasty foods. Of course while you are in London do not forget to fish&chips and a pub meal.If you avoid to try the authentic food near the main tourist attractions you can save a lot of money and for the fish&chips many restaurants offer take away options which are cheaper than eating in.

Many museums and art galleries in London are free from the entry charge so you can visit as many as you can:) If you are looking for some fun, pubs are also free from the entry unlike some bars and clubs and you can always have a friendly chat with people in the local pubs (many of them have happy hours or some affordable beer selections).

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Idil Birben

Idil Birben

I am Idil from Istanbul, Turkey, and am currently living in London. I write about my own experiences in these countries.

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