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Walks & Hikes around Morzine

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Travel Tips For Montriond

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Put your shoes on!

The Alps. Les Portes du Soleil. Morzine. In winter it’s a skiers and snowboarders’ paradise. But not only… Maybe you’re looking for something different. Maybe you don’t like that way of enjoying the snow. Or maybe you just want something slower, calmer, quieter. Sometimes I need to find myself into the wild without the rush of getting down the slope riding like the slopes are mine. And that led me to look for walks around.

Well, lucky me it has snowed a lot. And with snow everywhere it's easy to discover beautiful spots to breathe and enjoy the day out without being reckless on the slopes.

No need to go too far, no need to have a car. The shuttles can bring you to starts of lovely paths. If you stay in Morzine, why don't you discover the Vallée de la Manche? You could go through the Fox' Path (Sentier du Renard) and looking for the waterfall of Nyon (cascade de Nyon) and discover La Mouillette. Or, farther in the valley, there is the Lac des Mines d’Or.

If you like lakes, another nice spot I would recommend is the Lac de Montriond (access by bus). Famous in the area, it's not only a good place for a walk but to enjoy the view, dive under the ice or walk on it!

If you don’t mind drive a bit, I want to take you to the Col de l’Encrenaz for a walk or two above Essert-Romand and Côté-d’Arbroz. You could even try your snow shoes there...

Are you keen to discover the area with me? Follow my steps.

Breathe the alpine air.



... Practical Corner

Interested in some of the walks I mentioned? Just click on the link in the text to read my story about it.

You want to know more about the Portes du Soleil or Morzine area? Have a look here ;)

Looking for the shuttles in Vallée d'Aulps (Saint-Jean, Montriond, Morzine,...)? Check the schedules Winter 2017-18 !

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The author

Eileen Robinson

Eileen Robinson

I’m Eileen, a Belgian living in France. I got the travel bug when I was so young that I don’t even remember it. I hope my stories will bring you to travel while reading!

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