Walks around Morzine - Fox's path & Nyon's Waterfall

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Where the river flows

It’s 10am on a day off. Well, technically I’m working. But only at 6pm so it feels like a day off. The weather is amazing: blue sky with not even a cloud in. I have only one choice: ride or walk!

I choose the hiking boots and take the fox' path (Sentier du Renard) to the Valley of the Manche. I follow the river. I'm not the only one: this part is really close to town so it's one of the easy walks for dog owners. Right before me is a young Border Collie. He's playing. The black of his hair contrasts with the white of the snow. I like how he romps around: so much energy and innocence makes me smile.

I leave him behind with his lovely handler as I keep walking across the forest.

I can hear that I'm getting closer and closer to what I was looking for last time I came in the valley.

Yes, you guessed right the waterfall of Nyon (Cascade de Nyon) is standing in front of me. The water is clear blue; almost white. It falls just net to a mound of snow. On the cliff another kind of waterfall is shining: the drops froze in translucent stalactites.

I want to keep walking so I slip along it – even under – to the top. From there I see the waterfall from above. Gorgeous. I walk through the brook and arrive in a clearing.

That' where I leave you. In front of a large stretch of snow. A friend beside, firs behind and mountains in front of my eyes.

Breathe the cold air.



... Practical Corner

The path is really easy to follow as it starts from town. Find the roundabout going to Vallée de la Manche: it's a bus stop. The start is next to the bridge, close to the fire station. Then you just have to follow the signs. They are interesting, easy to understand - even for kids - as it's made by the primary school.

If you go during summer it's possible to climb in trees, do some mountain bike,...

If it's winter time, I can share some tips about what to do around Morzine and Les Portes du Soleil, and tell you stories about walking in the snow...

But if I had to give you only one piece of advice, it would be... enjoy the mountain as much as you can while work & weather let you do so!

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Eileen Robinson

Eileen Robinson

I’m Eileen, a Belgian living in France. I got the travel bug when I was so young that I don’t even remember it. I hope my stories will bring you to travel while reading!

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