Walks around Morzine - l'Erigné & la Mouillette

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Looking for the waterfall of Nyon

It's a shining morning in Morzine. Not a day to stay home. I jump in my car and drive to a valley just next to town: la vallée de la Manche. Let's go for a walk!

My goal for the day is to find Nyon's waterfall.

I drive to the end of the road called L’Erigné. Then I abandon the car and follow a track left by cross-country skis.

I get deeper into the forest. After ten minutes I have to choose between left and right. As the left goes back to the riverside and I'm looking for waterfalls I decide to go there. But soon I realize that it wasn't the best bet I did: the path crosses the river. I don't want to soak my shoes so I go back and explore the path on the right.

Careful! It's slippery! Four meters square of black ice almost get me on my bump. But I make it without bruising myself. Now I’m walking in a sleeping hamlet – La Mouillette. I say sleeping not because it’s early in the morning (it’s noon anyway…) No, it’s too early in the season. I suspect that no one is living here yearly! I’ll have to wait for Christmas to see someone here.

That's where I leave you. I know that I didn't find the waterfall of Nyon but I won't see it today. Another time? And this actually is a nice place to have a break. Imagine this dozen chalets with Christmas lights and families warming up the atmosphere. Kids playing around the logs piles and smoke coming out the fireplaces.

Breathe the quiet air.



... Practical Corner

It's possible to use the shuttle from Morzine to l'Erigné (and back!). Here is the timetable (page 28/29).

If you are keen to have a long walk, you can follow the Fox's path from town to la Mouillette through the waterfall of Nyon (here) or discover the Lac des Mines d'Or from l'Erigné (here)

There are so many other walks around Morzine... Interested? Grab your shoes and follow me!

Not in the mood for a walk? Well Morzine is full of surprises. And I found some for you; have a look ;-)

The author

Eileen Robinson

Eileen Robinson

I’m Eileen, a Belgian living in France. I got the travel bug when I was so young that I don’t even remember it. I hope my stories will bring you to travel while reading!

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