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Walks around Morzine - Montriond Lake

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Behind the safety net

Wednesday afternoon. My legs are on fire because of a half-day boarding. I don’t want to go home: I still want to enjoy the snow. So I drive along the winding road to the lake of Montriond. I park the car on the side, lace my snow boots and walk down the powder to the well-groomed shore of the lake. I’m not disappointed: this is exactly what I was looking for.


At the other side I have the choice: either I go back the same way I came or I cross the safety net and follow the unstoppable’s path. I’m joking: it may be not the safest way but it’s more than often used: I go without fear!

The view is gorgeous. It changed since last time I came. Now everything is white around and the water is almost completely frozen. It looks like a black and white picture. The only colours are the turquoise of my jacket and the red of the chalet along the water.


It’s so quiet… I can’t even hear the birds singing. But from time to time a big noise shrills. It sounds like thunder but it isn’t. It’s a man-made avalanche keeping the mountain as much under control as we can.

That’s where I leave you. Listen to the snow crunching under your feet. Sit for a while gazing into the darkness of the water.

Breathe the white air.



... Practical Corner

Montriond Lake is about 15min drive from the Tourist Information of Morzine (Haute Savoie, France). It's possible to reach it using the shuttles as well (go down to the mairie and take the line M going to Ardent).

The walk around the lake takes about 45 minutes. There are 2 carparks, chalets and restaurants with a view. Walking is not the only activity you can do here. Under ice diving and ice skating are very popular. My advice? Always double check with the tourist info/restaurants to be sure it's safe!

Do you want more walks around Morzine? Have look here for some inspiration... And if you are interested about all you can do nearby, you should definitelyhave look on this story!

This story is inspired by my walk around the lake Montriond, France in December 2017.

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Eileen Robinson

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