Weirdest Museums in Germany!

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It is a fact that Germany has lots of world famous museums, but as I said before it is a weird place to be and trust me, they are not afraid to show it! If you want to also see the weird but the coolest museums in Germany, here is your guide.

Museum of Unheard of Things / Museum der Unerhörten Dinge

Well, Berlin is a weird place after all that's why when I came across this museum, it felt like it definitely suits here. The Museum of Unheard of Things is a museum where you can find artistic, scientific, and technical objects that has been used over years. You can find every item plastered on the wall, arranged by their weight. The best thing is, you can get to view the objects and read their unheard stories too!

The Museum of Unheard of Things
The Museum of Unheard of Things
Crellestraße 5, 10827 Berlin, Almanya


The INITIUM ET FINIS museum is a museum in an authentic old farmhouse in Lohrheim, that has a collection of artifacts, objects and installations collected by artist Matthias Korb. The general theme of this weird but awesome museum is, life and death and the time between. After wandering around the museum, you have to also wander around the amazing garden of it!

Bartelstraße 1, 65558 Lohrheim, Almanya

The World of Poison / Welt Der Gifte

The "Welt Der Gifte" is an institution that has venomous animals, poisonous plants and seeds, mushrooms, microorganisms, poisonous elements, and their various compounds so iterally everything about poison! The exhibit put together by a veterinary expert Doctor Nils Kley and it opened in 2017. Inside the museum, you can plan your tour about four different topics: Toxins in Nature, Toxins in Daily life, Healing Toxins, and Toxins in Art and Fashion. Not even that, you can also get to experience so many stuff; learning about weird fashion trends like arsenic clothes and botox injections, seeing snakes, lizards, scorpions, spiders, and toads and even get to discover ingredients from Harry Potter’s potions classes!

Welt Der Gifte
Welt Der Gifte
Grimmer Str. 11-14, 17489 Greifswald, Almanya

Gallery of Beauties / Schönheitengalerie

Schönheitengalerie is in Munich and it is King Ludwig I of Bavaria's collection of beautiful woman portaits in the Nymphenburg Castle. We all know Lugwig I was Ludwig II's grandfather who was the builder of Neuschwanstein Castle , so we can say that the beauty need in this family was strong. King Ludwig I of Bavaria was also married with Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen, and their wedding was so glorious, it started the tradition that we still celebrate today. Yes you guessed it, it is the world famous beer fest; Oktoberfest!

In this galery of Nymphenburg Castle, you can get to see 36 portraits of young women in the Southern pavilion!

If you want to visit the weirdest museums in Germany, find your inspiration on itinari now!

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