Where Not To Go For Christmas In Rome

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In my humble opinions, Rome is not the best place to celebrate Christmas. If you want to save your Christmas spirit and avoid disappointment, try to avoid the following locations:

Piazza Venezia

Two weeks after being erected in 2017, the Christmas tree at Piazza Venezia died due to unknown reasons. It cost the capital about 50,000 euros to transport the tree from the Austrian borders. The tree was compared to a "toilet brush" and said to be the sign of decay. What an unfortunate event for this year's Christmas!

Tree has been dubbed ‘spelacchio’, meaning bald or mangy, after it lost most of its pine needles - The Guardian

Via dei Condotti

Walking down the shopping street called Via Condotti in central Rome or other similar streets such as Via del Corso will certainly give you the Christmas feeling because... it is super crowded. That is also why you should avoid these streets. The decoration is not spectacular at all so it is not worth the hassle.

Piazza Navona

If you have been to Christmas markets in Germany like me, you will not find the Christmas market at Piazza Navona in Rome fun at all. The stalls are average, and there is usually not much to see and do. Even the selection of Christmas snacks is not diverse. I do not think you can find mulled wine there either. Visit the market anyway if you have never been to a Christmas market anywhere else.

Where to go instead

If you must spend Christmas in Rome, it is not all that bad. You can still enjoy the elegant Christmas lightings in some places such as Galleria Albero Sordi and the Spanish Steps (although you may have to pass by the shopping streets I mentioned above). The joyful and festive atmosphere is definitely in the air.

The Vatican City

Meanwhile, the Christmas tree at the Vatican City is always worth admiring. In 2017, the tree was delivered from Poland, its decorations were prepared by children in the hospitals. It was a meaningful and magnificent tree that was a perfect fit to the San Pietro Basilica in the background. In addition, the Nativity scene at the Vatican City was one-of-a-kind.

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