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Where Swedish people go to shop - Ullared

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Ullared is in the south-west of Sweden. This is where Swedish people go to shop. There is a huge store which is pretty much the Swedish Wallmart. It is covered with tons of facilities around to make the shopping more pleasant.

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There's a tv-show which is super successful in Scandinavia about this place. It's called ''Ullared''. The village they created is called ''Gekåsbyn''.

The tv-show

Normal workers became superstars out of this show and began traveling the world with their own spin-off tv-show which is what inspired me to become a traveler. They had a Europe travel show, USA travel show, and Norway travel show. ''Morgan och Ola Conny's æventyrsresa'' is worth mentioning. Another one is ''Fantasy trip of Morgan and Ola Conny''.

The tv show development

The first time I saw this show I thought it was a type of documentary parody on consumerism. I think maybe this was the original idea. Because the questions were pretty superficial and it was almost like the interviewer was making fun of the customers. The show grew quickly in Sweden. The income of the place also grew. The area of the stores and facilities grew. The seriousness of the show also grew a little bit.

The show started in 2009 and is still running!

When reading these statistics, keep in mind that Sweden has 9,9 million people only.

In 2015 they sold for 524,134,147 euros

They had 4,8 million customers in 2016

The day with the most customers

Tuesday 21 July 2015 they had 28,900 customers on only that day! This place is in the middle of the country and is now a mini city. They have restaurants, a camping, a play center, a photo studio, a hair salon, minigolf, swimming, grilling, and a nature park. They have a super top quality hotel here. They also have a motel, cabins, tent areas, and caravan areas.

Comfort and camping

When I was there, I just camped in the woods without a tent or anything. When that was too cold I found the heated camping bathroom. When the security guard kicked me out I was lucky to find some late night party people and just slept at their place. The wisdom gained from this trip is to bring a tent if you like comfort.

Inside the store

Inside the actual store, you will find a sports bar, restaurants, a salad bar, a lounge, a campsite shop, and rest benches. If you are lucky you will spot the camera crew. If you're super lucky they will interview you.

How to get here

Get yourself to Gothenburg. Then take the Öresundståg, it's a train. Or take the bus. First you take bus 029, then from Falkenberg you take the bus 651.

Ullared Sweden
Ullared Sweden
Ullared, Sverige

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