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Where to find the Vikings in Norway

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Norway is proud of the Viking culture that exists in our country. Even though they stole and raped and acted a little bit mischievously we are happy to talk about them. Now we have TV-shows, museums, music, and parody TV-shows about the Vikings. They surround us in our everyday life and we are in general very pleased with it. I will show you places where you can have your full Viking experience!

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Where can you see our history of the Vikings in Norway?

The Vikingship Museum in Oslo

This place is in Oslo and is the most relevant Vikingmuseum in Norway. You will see how the Vikings lived and slept and used the toilet. The boat that you see on the Norwegian 20 Krone is presented as a museum object here and is a famous Viking ship from the time back then.

Vikingship Museum Oslo
Vikingship Museum Oslo
Huk Aveny 35, 0287 Oslo, Norge

Lofotr Vikingmuseum

This museum is in Lofoten in the North of Norway. The Vikings behaved differently here than in the south. At least they are presented as more or less laid back. They did a lot of conquering and raping, too. However, not on the same level as the ones in the south. They are more like the small coffee shop guy on the corner vs the big corporative Starbucks as they have in the south.

Lofoten Viking festival
Lofoten Viking festival
Prestegårdsveien 59, 8360 Bøstad, Norge
Lofoten Viking museum
Lofoten Viking museum
Prestegårdsveien 59, 8360 Bøstad, Norge

The Viking village on Bukkøy

This one is the most rounded experience. It's a village dedicated to the culture and living of the Vikings. Eat like a Viking, behave like a Viking, and do crafts like a Viking. The whole place is full-blown Viking. You can have a guided tour, watch movies about Vikings, see exhibitions, and play with the toys that they had during the Viking ages. To get here from Haugesund you just take the x210 bus and you're at The Viking village Bukkøy in 30 minutes.

The Viking village on Bukkøy
The Viking village on Bukkøy

Borgund stavkirke - A church

The award for the best-preserved church from the middle ages goes to this church. Actually, a lot of times there was attempts to replicate this church! It was first talked about in writings in the 1300 century. It's hard to say when and what exactly happened during the Viking times because of unreliable sources made by unreliable people. Because of its fame, they built a visitors center with info about churches and Viking stuff right next to the church.

Borgund stavkirke Lærdal
Borgund stavkirke Lærdal
Vindoella 621, 6888 Borgund, Norge

Are you curious about what the Vikings ate?

I have the answer. They ate what they could find in the wilderness and some vegetables.

Here is the charming list of their food

Onions, hazelnuts, deer, bear, reindeer, Grains, carrots, blueberries and other types, honey, herbs, mushrooms (all kinds), garlic, spinach, fox, salmon, mackerel, cod, chicken, goat, pig, and eggs.

We are still inspired

We are still inspired by the poetry that the Vikings produced. The Writings that is recognized today and not burned to the ground is the Writings that is made for the Kings. They couldn't say what they wanted like we can do today. Therefore, we can't really tell what the writers really thought. Yet, there is a great authentic value in these Writings.

Snorre Sturlason

An important character is Snorre Sturlason from the years of the 1200 century. He was a writer. Some important writings he made was Edda, the Iceland sagas, Fagrskinna, Heimskringla, and the saga of Olav Tryggvason.

We have modern music about Vikings

There is one band called Vikingarna who played from 1958 to 2004. Their name means ''The Vikings'' in Swedish and they play feelgood songs about Swedish behavior without a real connection to Viking culture.

Heavy Viking inspired bands that are more related to Vikings are Burzum, Einherjer, Helheim, and Isengard.

Bands who play actual music like in the Viking age are Forndom, Danheim, Wardruna, and Heilung. ancestors

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