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Where to watch the grand finale of the Croatian football fairytale

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The Croatian football national team not only made it to the final but also gave an excellent reason to celebrate to all citizens and visitors of Croatia. Maybe the football is not the most important thing in the world, but we can agree that the "football fever" has made way for all of us. Croatia is in the final. After 20 years. We can say that the dreams come true and that the Croatian football fairytale came to its final part. But, where to watch the grand finale while in Croatia?

People in Croatia, like in all other countries, love to celebrate the victories. This time, it's all or nothing. The biggest match is upon 11 chosen men. All the world will watch them versus France on the TV, and thousands will see the game on the public squares all around Croatia.

This is how the Croatian fans watched the last 2 minutes of the game versus England, at one of the main squares in Zagreb:

That was Trg Bana Jelačića, the main square in Zagreb. Like all other football games of the World Cup that you could follow here, this Sunday the 15th of July you will be able to see the final match. This time - a special one. For the semifinal game, the main square hosted around 50.000 fans. This is a meeting point, the heart of the city, a place to celebrate all victories, also a place that has a historical meaning. The mayor of Zagreb invited all the fans to come and support the Croatian national team. The atmosphere will be amazing, since the music bands will come as well. Many people already posted photos on the social networks stating: "See you at the square."

Ban Jelačić Square, center of Zagreb downtown
Ban Jelačić Square, center of Zagreb downtown
Trg bana Josipa Jelačića, 10000, Zagreb, Croatie

On Monday, the 16th of July, a glorious welcome will be organized at Ban Jelačić Square in Zagreb. The organizers think that more than 100.000 people will come to greet the "Fiery guys" (Croatian: Vatreni) coming from the World Cup in Russia.

If you are in Split, Narodni Trg (Pjaca), the main square, will be the place where the majority of the fans will follow the final game. Also, besides the main square, all Split bars and restaurants will put big screens, as they usually do for the big games. For all those who are visiting the Croatian islands, these days the football match can be seen on many beaches, at beach bars and even on the boats.

The National Square in Split
The National Square in Split
Narodni trg, 21000, Split, Croatia

If you are on the east side of Croatia, Ante Starcevic Square in Osijek, or any other small square, can be a perfect place to grab your beer and enjoy the football match and atmosphere.

Ante Starčević Square, Osijek
Ante Starčević Square, Osijek

The Grand finale of the Croatian football fairytale will be the most important event this summer in Croatia. You only have to get your jersey, paint your face in red and white, and enjoy the excitement while watching the game at some of the above-mentioned squares or just in a beach bar for example on the Krk island.

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