Wilderness in Maremma

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We’ve talked about Tuscany in many occasions on Itinari; towns, celebrations, and natural spas are just some of the activities the region has to offer and that we’ve covered. I’d like to add to the list another location which will intrigue our readers who want to find a natural and wild atmosphere and won’t disappoint the others: Maremma’s Regional Park. This area (Maremma) was once merly known as a long coastal swathe in southern Tuscany that for centuries was a malarial swamp populated only by a few hardy fishermen and the local cattle rangers known as butteri. Located on the South-West side of the region, near Grosseto, this park offers plenty of activities within its ten-thousand hectares area. The Park’s south and the central zones are dominated by the Uccelina Mountains. From these hills the panorama visitors enjoy seems arranged in layers: at first woods, then the Tirreno sea, and, on the horizon, the island of Giglio, Elba, and Corsica.

The only way to enter the Park is to go to Alberese visit centre and take a bus, from 9h to 14h, that will drop you off right inside, nearby Pratini. From here start various itineraries and you can decide if you want to visit the old towers and abbeys or walk in direction of the beach. While walking do not be surprised when you’ll see deers, foxes, badgers, boars, and porcupines strolling by your side. The fauna of the park is extremely diverse, protected and free to hang around.

Once you reach the beach there will be two things you’ll notice right away: the dunes and the wooden huts. The latters give the whole shore an even wilder trait to this already wild location. Built by the visitors, these are the perfect spot to rest and enjoy the sunset at the end of your visit. But, if you need even more privacy, you can just head south and you'll find plenty of empty beaches and fewer visitors, usually wearing even fewer pieces of clothing.

You can visit the park on foot, using the trekking paths, or by bike, on horseback,as well as via canoe or even atop a donkey. Honestly I can not tell you which is the better way to do it, so you might as well follow your guts and tastes!

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