Wine and dine in Meersburg!

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Here we are in the gorgeous Baden-Württemberg, where the cities are gorgeous and the wine tastes amazing. We can clearly say that this region has it all, but the city of Meersburg is its real diamond! Meersburg is located in the south of Baden-Württemberg in a close proximity to the Lake Constance. There is obviously a lot of things to do while in there and checking out the beautiful city of Meersburg is definitely one of them. Very close to Konstanz, Meersburg is offered for a cultural tour and a great meal accompanied by a great wine from the region. So if you are in the region, here is your guide!

Meersburg Castle

Let's have the cultural tour first, shall we? Meersburg is famous for its castles and its wine, and trust me they are both worth experiencing. Burg Meersburg, aka Meersburg Castle, is an ancient castle which dates way back to the 7th Century. The rooms of the castle are fully furnished with that period's style. In it, you can also admire a quarter dedicated and made for the famous German poet; Annette von Droste-Hülshoff! Here is a little part from one of her poems, "Moonrise" ;

" O moon! To me you are a belated friend,

Who unites his youth to a poor lost soul

Clasping about him his dying memories

Of life's tender reflections.

No sun are you that charms and flashes,

Lives in rivers of fire and ends in blood-

You are what the poem is to the ailing singer-

A different, but oh, so soft a light! "

Ok, back to the castle. After visiting this gorgeous castle, you can rest in its cafe and sip your drink with a mesmerising view of the Alps across the lake.

Meersburg Castle
Meersburg Castle
Schloßpl. 10, 88709 Meersburg, Allemagne

Wine, wine and more wine!

To taste the best wine in the region, you should definitely go to the Staatsweingut Meersburg! In here, you can taste top quality wine along with a delicious meal and a romantic candlelight; or if you prefer you can also buy some of the local wines to take home. The historic wine cellar is from the 1720s, and it is the oldest wine cellar in Meersburg, where all these delicious local wines are aged and matured. At the same time you can have a guided tour about the history of wine in Meersburg, while drinking your wine in the vineyard. If you want to check out the amazing view of the Alps, you can also visit the terrace where you can enjoy your wine with local delicacies, of course in the cosiest ever environment!

Staatsweingut Meersburg
Staatsweingut Meersburg
Seminarstraße 6, 88709 Meersburg, Almanya

Plan your visit to Meersburg and get inspired by itinari now!

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