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Wine Festival in Georgia

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Travel Tips For Tbilisi

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As I have already told you several times, Georgia is a home country of delicious wines. Each part of Georgia is famous for its special kind of wine. For example, when we hear about “Khvanchkara” we directly remember Racha Region. About “Ojaleshi” we remember Samegrelo Region and what about my favorite “Kindzmarauli, we know that it comes from Kakheti and etc.

It is already 8 years that Wine Festival is held in Georgia. Usually Wine Festival takes place in one of the green areas in Tbilisi (Usually in Mtatsminda Park.) Traditionally this festival is in May, at the end of the spring. The participants of the Wine Festival are big, medium and small wine companies. In addition, few winemakers from family wine cellars. They introduce the best wines of the previous year, in this case, wines made in 2017. Conclusions are later drawn about the success of wine-making and its production process.

The Festival’s grand opening is with the Georgian traditional folk song of “Mravaljamieri” and at the same time there is a ceremony of opening the Wine Clay Pot (Qvevri.) By opening Qvevri they introduce a real Georgian home-made wine that is from one of the family’s wine cellar. In addition to wine companies, wine bars and restaurants, in this festival Georgian and foreigner professionals’ in wine degustation and even ordinary wine lovers can take part.

Apart from the wine degustation, you can see designers’ garments and other Georgian products. The main aim of the Wine Festival is to promote Georgian Wines.

Wine by Georgian technology…

Some of you may already know that the Georgian traditional way of wine making is in Qvevri. Georgian technology of wine-making is different from European technology by its making process. Georgian wine contains the substance tannin. Tannin is a substance that is contained in the skin of the grape. As long as they keep grape juice and the grape remains together, there is more tannin in the wine.

The wine in Kakhetian Qvevri is made through the process, where grape juice and its remains are kept together during 6 months. Such kind of wine is very beneficial for the health as it is entirely natural. That is why while tasting Georgian wine, you can feel different aromas in it. Especially you will love the taste of red wines.

It is also very important how they prepare the clay pots (Qvevri). It needs a special knowledge that is passed through generations. Qvevri is generally made in Imereti Region, where the real traditions of this process are still kept. The knowledge is passing from father to son.

So, if you will ever be in Georgia during May, don’t skip the Wine Festival, where you can enjoy different kinds of wine and the warm atmosphere of Tbilisi. In addition, you can taste delicious Georgian dishes at the Funicular Complex.

Mtatsminda amusement Park
Mtatsminda amusement Park
Dzveli Tbilisi, Tbilisi, Géorgie
Funicular Restaurant Complex, Tbilisi
Funicular Restaurant Complex, Tbilisi
Tbilisi 0114, Georgia
Wine Festival in Tbilisi, Georgia
Wine Festival in Tbilisi, Georgia
Dzveli Tbilisi, Tbilisi, Georgia

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