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Winter activities in Skåne

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Travel Tips For Sweden

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The Christmas Holiday is the perfect time to explore the south of Sweden. With its rather mild temperature, the area offers several outdoor winter activities.

December in Scandinavia can be cold and dark. It becomes important to spend as much time as possible outside during the hours of the day with sunlight. If you are in Skåne during winter, here are some popular outdoor activities.

Cross-country skiing

Being one of the flattest counties in Sweden, Skåne is perfect for cross-country skiing. There are several popular trails with driving distance from some of the biggest cities, such as Malmö and Lund. A popular option for people living in Lund is, for instance, the nature reserve Skryllegården. Whether you wish to ski through a forest or along the seaside, there are several options.

Open-air baths

There is a long tradition of open-air baths in Sweden - both during summer and winter! It goes as follows: take a long sauna, go out into the cold winter, and immerse yourself into a lake or the ocean. And then quickly return to the heat of the sauna. Cold baths are considered to be good for your health, and people treat both physical and mental ailments.

One of the most famous bathhouses is Ribbersborgs Kallbadhus in Malmö. Located just outside Malmö City, the establishment has been in use since 1889. The sauna, which is separate for women and men, has a spectacular view looking out over the ocean and Copenhagen in Denmark.


Downhill skiing and snowboarding

Even though Skåne has no big mountains, there are hills that, during winter, turn it into a small ski-system. One of these is Vallåsen, the largest ski resort in the south of Sweden. Vallåsen has 5,170 meters prepared slopes, with the longest run of 1,260 meters and the highest vertical drop at 145 meters. The slopes are perfect for both skiers and snowboarders and suitable for both beginners and intermediates.

 ©Flickr/Guillaume Baviere
©Flickr/Guillaume Baviere

Ice skating

Wherever you are in Skåne, the ocean is always close by. With a county that is also rich in lakes, there are plenty of options for ice skating. It is not as secure as humanmade ice rinks, but skating on a naturally frozen lake is no doubt a special feeling!

If you go ice skating on a naturally frozen lake or the ocean, you should always have ice prods, an ice pike, and a throwing line with you. The local newspapers often advertise when the lakes in their area are thick enough for ice skating. Make sure to bring your ice skates, warm layers of clothing, and maybe most important of all: do not forget to bring a thermos of hot chocolate to warm up with!

Glamping in nature

Skåne has a lot of beautiful nature to offer and you can enjoy it the whole day, and night! Instead of staying in hotels or hostels, try an accommodation that is more immersed in nature. One of the options is glamping. Check out Ludvigsborgs Glamping site in Höör municipality. Each manna tent is cosily furnished with comfortable beds, private toilet, outdoor shower, even its own patio and barbecue. The average price to stay in this glamping site is at 85 Euro per night. And you can enjoy an extra 10% off discount when you use the coupon code "LTW10".

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Maria Lundin Osvalds

Maria Lundin Osvalds

I’m Maria, a 28-years old journalist, photographer and content creator from Sweden. I love adventures, being outdoor and living the nomadic life out of my van, as well as being in the city drinking coffee in a bohemian styled café or visiting local poetry slams.

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