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Winter Dreams in Berlin: The 5 Most Beautiful Christmas Markets

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Inspired by their Northern neighbours, Christmas Markets in Germany are dreamy and fairy-tale like. Dress up warm with wool socks and walk trough the village of little houses of wood. Glühwein for the adults, hot appel-cinnamon juice for the kids, international food and handcrafted items. German Christmas markets are a show stopper. They open from the first advent weekend of December 'til Christmas eve.

Christmas Time at Red Town Hall (Rotes Rathaus)

This is without doubt one of the most charming markets in Berlin. Go ice skating around Neptune’s fountain, blow your own christmas decoration balls out of glass, take a tour around the Hight Ferris wheel to get amazing views of the Brandenburg Gate and the Potsdamer Platz. The markets are called “Weihnachtsmarkt” (christmas market) and “Christkindlmärkte” (markets of little Jesus) in German. Sound Christmas'y enough?

Winter dreams at Alexa (Mitte)

This is the most modern Christmas market in Berlin. It used to be very famous in former East Berlin. Both a christmas market and a fair, you can giggle with your Glühwein and gingerbread while enjoying several merry-go-rounds. Who said rollercoasters and bump cars are only for kids?

Charlottenburg Palace Christmas Market

A mixture of arts and crafts and delicacies. Fairytale-like and very atmospheric, get a dreamy view from the market on Charlottenburg Palace which is illuminated during that time. Special tours and events also take place at the palace and its gardens. Reminder: You can enjoy the night view during day time too, the sun sets early between 3-4pm in Berlin during Winter time.

© Photo credit: Tareq Dessouki

Christmas Market at Gendarmenmarkt

A mixture of arts and crafts, on stage performances and delicacies. Roasted almonds, chestnuts and very hot spicy punch. The market is well situated in front of German and French cathedral and Schauspielhaus (an amazing view from above if you stay at Park-Inn Hotel!).

Winter World on Potsdamer Platz

At Tiergarten, the atmosphere gets dreamy at night. Curling, ice skating and snow tubing. It is the largest Christmas Market in Berlin and it also opens from early November ’til Christmas eve. It has something very special about it; midnight fantasy and amazing christmas lights. Party tip: Stay late in the evening for live DJ and après-ski party.

© Photo credit: Robert Emmerich

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