Winter Holiday in Turkey

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When people think about holiday in Turkey the first thing comes to mind is a summer holiday with sunshine and sea, however the climate of Turkey creates a great environment for the winter sport lovers in multiple locations throughout the country. The wide selection of ski resorts create the opportunity to plan a winter holiday which will answer all your needs. There are facilities in West Turkey such as Kartalkaya and Uludağ which are usually the choice of locals but facilities in East Turkey such as Palandoken, Erzurum will be an amazing experience for professionals.

Whitefest Season in Turkey

Every year in Uludağ, over 12,000 university students enjoy music and winter sports for a week. This endless partying week has been popular for the past 5 years and every year they manage to come up with better line-ups for the music events. The age group is between 18-25, and it is possible to join in even if you do not study in a Turkish university. This year the Whitefest will be held between the dates of 14 - 18 January, 4 - 8 February and 11 - 15 February, so that everyone can find a suitable week and attend the festival for a relief from the final exams.

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Idil Birben

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