Winter holidays in Bansko, well-kept gem of Bulgaria

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The town of many tales

I remember that every year during my studies in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria, around this time of final exams and excessive studying, I have always wanted to be in this place - just enjoy the nature and beautiful sights, drink some warm wine and have long walks in the snow, as I am not really a winter sports type of person. However, if you are, and if you are still wondering where to spend your winter holidays, and you are most certainly tight on time and budget, then keep reading as the place I am about to present you will offer you even more than you have expected.

Bansko ski resort is famouns for its ski slopes and amazingly rich cultural heritage. Two hours drive from Bulgarian capital, Sofia, the resort offers many conveniences for a relaxing or active holiday. Nearby Glazine river and Pirin mountain, Bansko mountain resort offers hundreds of bars and traditional restaurants called 'mehana', which makes it an excellent choice to have some fun and relaxation during your ski and snowboard holiday in Bulgaria.

Apart from the fact that it is a mere perfection during the winter, one thing you should keep in mind is that Bansko ski resort is attractive in all seasons due to its excellent ski and snowboard facilities, as well as a unique history and architecture of an old and new part of the town. Also,the ski season in Bansko lasts six months, which I believe, gives you more time for the last minute scheduled trips. Numerous luxury hotels and facilities in the area, are really promising you a cozy and unforgetable stay. If you are going with a large group of friends, I warmly recommend you to rent a small wodden cabin and enjoy in it.

Moreover, Bansko, due to its rich history, declared a cultural settlement of International importance, Also, Bansko is famous for its unique houses, rich icon-paintings as well as cultural monuments. You can visit the remains of antique fortresses and Thracian tombs that are located in theStaroto Gradishte area and Yulen, as well as the remains of medieval churches. Many examples of the different phases of the Renaissance period can be found in the Antique Quarter, such as the Buinovata House, Sirleshtova house, Hadzhivulchova and Zehtindzhieva house.

The thing you definitely should not miss is the archaeological complex in the area St.Nikola,with the ruins of a Thracian fortress, Thracian tombs and Orthodox basilica. Even if the archaeology is your hobby and you are intrigued by the past, you can also take a look at the ancient fortress in the area Yulen and Stana in the area Kalyata. Also, you can visit the Early Orthodox and medieval basilica with a necropolis in the area Shipotsko. which consists of ruins of a church, dating back to 4th-5th century and a necropolis with more than 150 tombs.

Finally, Bansko, a charming mountainous resort of Pirin, offers a unique combination of excellent opportunities for practicing various winter sports, exploring Bulgarian traditions, e rich folklore customs and valuable cultural heritage. All these and many more are reasons why you should explore the region and get acquainted with all impressive natural landmarks. And of course, more inspirations are to come.

Bansko Ski Resort
Bansko Ski Resort
2770 Банско, Бугарска

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