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Work & brunch in Madrid; My Top 5 Co-working Coffeeshops

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While working as a freelancer and studying at the same time, I found myself looking everyday for different places where I could actually focus on my work. This last year, I am one of those people waking up, packing their laptop and looking for a cafeteria that allows them to have breakfast and work at the same time.

Changing my everyday routine while working plays an important role on my concentration and as a result, trying new workplaces and cafes with great internet where you can actually have your work done, sooner or later became my hobby and of course a lifestyle, that so far... I have to confess that I love!

To get to the point, this is more or less how I discovered my favourite workplace cafes in Madrid!

Release your inner hipster and join my current lifestyle! If you’re looking for cozy places, with great internet connection and delicious snacks…then I’m pretty sure that the list that follows will definitely be a great help to you! Enjoy!

1) La Bicicleta Cycling Café & Workplace

As you could imagine, this place originates from the passion for bicycles, art and coffee in equal parts. And that's where their main ambition comes from – they want to become a place that has a concept, a soul and a strong personality. La Bicicleta invites you to come in and stay (for a long while) and to come back (many times). To make all of this happen they have created a cozy place, with great decoration, large working tables, fast internet connection and of course good coffee served along with healthy and homemade delicacies and pastries!

La Bicicleta Cycling Café & Workplace
La Bicicleta Cycling Café & Workplace
Plaza San Idelfonso, 9, 28004 Madrid, Ισπανία

2) Cafe de la Luz

In a luminous corner between central streets, Cafe de la Luz is a good place to snack at any time of the day, have breakfast along with a delicious fresh coffee or tea and enjoy a drink (or a good mojito) during the evening! With its relaxed atmosphere, friendly service and casual vintage style charm, this café is loved by the locals of Malasaña, who come in for brunch, coffee breaks or drinks in late hours. It is also a popular place for students to catch up with projects, as free wifi is offered.

Cafe de la Luz
Cafe de la Luz
Calle de la Puebla, 8, 28004 Madrid, Spain

3) Cafe Federal

It is considered to be one of Madrid’s best places for brunch, in an atmosphere that will most likely remind you of a stylish restaurant bar in Soho. Its unique kitchen is totally organic and in its luminous space of Nordic inspiration, you can find a wide variety of breakfast and brunch. Tostas with hummus or salmon, complete hamburgers, eggs, croissants and cereals are just some of those (to tease your appetite)! Furthermore, yes, they do have wifi and yes it is actually quite fast.

Federal Café
Federal Café
Plaza de las Comendadoras, 9, 28015 Madrid, Ισπανία

4) La china Mandarina

La china mandarina is a multidisciplinary venue that interacts perfectly with the neighborhood’s cultural mentality. People go to this place seeking for something more than eating or drinking. And that's what they have achieved: a 'cafe-restaurant-gallery-workspace' open from the early morning till the late night, uninterruptedly.

La china mandarina -coffee&brunch-
La china mandarina -coffee&brunch-
Plaza de Cascorro, 17, 28005 Madrid, Spain

5) Dr Limon

Doctor Limon is no doubt my favourite cafe since I moved to Madrid. Peaceful and beautiful with great and cozy design, Dr Limon opens from breakfast to dinner and beyond: there is a brunch session every Saturday and an afterwork session on Wednesdays while any day, homemade cakes, cocktails, coffees and of course food, are being served.

Dr Limon Restaurant
Dr Limon Restaurant
Calle Don Pedro, 4, 28005 Madrid, Spain


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