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While working as a freelancer and studying at the same time, I found myself looking everyday for different places where I could actually focus on my work. This last year, I am one of those people waking up, packing their laptop and looking for a cafeteria that allows them to have breakfast and work at the same time.

Changing my everyday routine while working plays an important role on my concentration and as a result, trying new workplaces and cafes with great internet where you can actually have your work done, sooner or later became my hobby and of course a lifestyle, that so far... I have to confess that I love!

To get to the point, this is more or less how I discovered the third of the few workplace cafes that I am about to present; the cafe Federal, a beautiful cafe, situated right at the heart of Madrid and of course really close to the famous “Plaza Mayor”.

Cafe Federal - a brunch workspace cafeteria!

Inspired by a small town on the Binna Burra road, halfway between Possum Creek and Goonengerry in Northern New South Wales, Australia, Federal is a small workspace & brunch cafe situated right at the centre of the Spanish Capital.

Federal Café
Federal Café
Plaza de las Comendadoras, 9, 28015 Madrid, Ισπανία

It is considered to be one of Madrid’s best places for brunch, in an atmosphere that will most likely remind you of a stylish restaurant bar in Soho. Its unique kitchen is totally organic and in its luminous space of Nordic inspiration, you can find a wide variety of breakfast and brunch. Tostas with hummus or salmon, complete hamburgers, eggs, croissants and cereals are just some of those (to tease your appetite)!

If you’re looking for a coffee place where you can spend a typical afternoon while having a good coffee quietly and read your favorite book, then Federal is the place to be. Delicious homemade cakes, brunch, breakfasts, warm and freshly baked pastries and croissants are being served during the whole day , while comfortables chairs and tables will make you feel like home.

The place is quite large, and it is surrounded by windows that make it very bright, while the decoration is very cozy, generating different spaces that range from the classic area of stools. There are people of all kinds, from students, to readers, people working with laptops, etc.

Important factor; yes, they do have wifi and yes it is actually quite fast.

Release your inner hipster and join my current lifestyle hah! Stay tuned and more workplaces and cafe suggestions are about to be revealed in the upcoming pages! Cheers!

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