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While working as a freelancer and studying at the same time, I found myself looking everyday for different places where I could actually focus on my work. This last year, I am one of those people waking up, packing their laptop and looking for a cafeteria that allows them to have breakfast and work at the same time.

Changing my everyday routine while working plays an important role on my concentration and as a result, trying new workplaces and cafes with great internet where you can actually have your work done, sooner or later became my hobby and of course a lifestyle, that so far... I have to confess that I love!

To get to the point, this is more or less how I discovered the fifth of the few workplace cafes that I am about to present; the cafe Dr Limon, a beautiful cafe, situated right at the heart of Madrid and specifically in the multicultural barrio (neighbourhood) of La Latina!

La Latina, Madrid
La Latina, Madrid
Barrio de La Latina, 28005 Madrid, Spain

Dr Limon

An ideal restaurant for afterworks, a dinner with friends, a delicious breakfast or a quiet meal.

Dr Limon Restaurant
Dr Limon Restaurant
Calle Don Pedro, 4, 28005 Madrid, Spain

Doctor Limon is no doubt my favourite cafe since I moved to Madrid. Peaceful and beautiful with great and cozy design, Dr Limon opens from breakfast to dinner and beyond: there is brunch session every Saturday and an afterwork session on Wednesdays while any day, homemade cakes, cocktails, coffees and of course food, are being served.

What makes it great is its really tempting menu with original and homemade dishes, with a great variety of them suitable also for vegetarians and vegans: salads, pink vegan tacos, arepas, pizzas, tuna toke, quinoa with feta and roasted vegetables are just some of those…(just to tease your appetite).

With typical brick walls & metal tubes that go through the loft ceiling, Dr Limon instantly grabs your attention … Comfy armchairs and vintage tables later on, make you feel like home! The atmosphere is always very good with great music (yes, I am an Ed Sheeran fan) and the place in general transmits very good vibes . Ideal to meet your friends after hitting the streets of Latina.

If you’re curious to learn about the restaurant’s name & purpose, here’s what Dr Limon himself says about it!

Hello, my name is Dr. Limón, some call me “Doctor dinners”, other “Doctor drinks”, and the new fashion is to call me “Doctor brunch”…the truth is that it does not bother me to call me names, but I am definitely much more than all those. My creators gave me life with the purpose of making people enjoy my recipes, but above all they created me to make my patients feel happy at all times! And I have to confess that I love it. So you know, if you want to try my recipes, go through my website, or speak to my nurse to make a reservation.

Important factor; yes, they do have wifi and yes it is actually quite fast.

(I normally work from there frequently, the atmosphere for a young freelancer or a student is just perfect! Literally...on spoooot! )

Release your inner hipster and join my current lifestyle hah! Stay tuned and more workplaces and cafe suggestions are about to be revealed in the upcoming pages! Cheers!

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