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While working as a freelancer and studying at the same time, I found myself looking everyday for different places where I could actually focus on my work. This last year, I am one of those people waking up, packing their laptop and looking for a cafeteria that allows them to have breakfast and work at the same time.

Working from home is something that I simply cannot do. I am one of those people trying to avoid the daily routine; discovering as many cafeterias as possible while walking around a new city, is definitely a way to do so.

Changing my everyday routine while working plays an important role on my concentration and as a result, trying new workplaces and cafes with great internet where you can actually have your work done, sooner or later became my hobby and of course a lifestyle, that so far... I have to confess that I love!

To get to the point, this is more or less how I discovered the second of the few workplace cafes that I am about to present; La china mandarina, a beautiful cafe, situated right at the centre of Madrid in the alternative neighbourhood of La Latina!

La Latina, Madrid
La Latina, Madrid
Barrio de La Latina, 28005 Madrid, Spain

La china mandarina - a modern workspace cafe-

La china mandarina is a multidisciplinary venue that interacts perfectly with the neighborhood’s cultural mentality. People go to this place seeking for something more than eating or drinking. And that's what they have achieved: a 'cafe-restaurant-gallery-workspace' open from the early morning till the late night, uninterruptedly.

In china mandarina, you can have a delicious breakfast - there’s a great variety- (choose the tostada de jamon- I guarantee you’ll love it), along with a traditional Spanish coffee (cafe con leche)- well, or a drink of your choice- and work unbothered with your laptop in a friendly, cozy and quiet environment.

La china mandarina -coffee&brunch-
La china mandarina -coffee&brunch-
Plaza de Cascorro, 17, 28005 Madrid, Spain

At the same time, do not miss the chance to enjoy a delicious meal while being there; everyday they have a menu which you can actually personalise and adjust to your appetite! Vegetarian options, such as natural creams and crudités, sandwiches, pates on Sardinian bread, hamburger with mushrooms and potatoes , fresh fish and pork cheek are some of the daily options offered at an unbeatable price.

In addition, the place is also offered if you wish to organise a professional meeting or even work, because as said, they have free wi-fi and tables that invite you to share the space with other “remote workers” at any time of the day.

Its convenient location, its delicious coffee and breakfast and of course its fast wifi have saved my days quite a few times lately, so here I am to definitely recommend a visit to it!

Release your inner hipster and join my current lifestyle hah! Stay tuned and more workplaces and cafe suggestions are about to be revealed in the upcoming pages! Cheers!

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