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Cover picture © Credits to estherpoon

Your gateway to great shopping !

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Whenever I am travelling , I don't usually pay too much attention to shopping centers . Shopping was never " my kind of thing " . But,when you are surrounded by people that love shopping , an option to avoid it simply DOESN'T exist. However,I admit that this kind of activity can become interesting and funny sometimes except the moments you have to try 10 different pair of jeans and ending up buying none of them. I think you already understood about what I am going to talk in this story. Shopping centers for shopping lovers...YAYYYYYYYYYY !!!

Let me introduce you to the best shopping centers in any case ( insert evil laugh here). Starting with Toptani Shopping Center.

Toptani is the newest shopping center in town and in an instant became the most popular one . The most famous brands all gathered in this place to give its costumers the latest trends and the best service by the staff . Also , besides shopping , you can go there to drink a coffee or something else because bars are everywhere in there . Furthermore , there is an area dedicated to children where they can play all the time and entertain themselves .

Ring Center is another place where you can shop 'til you drop . There you can find 70 international brands , different panoramic bars , entertainment spaces , SPA , cinema 5D and 7D and a skating arena . In few words a multi-functional place .

And here's the third one...Tirana East Gate ! This shopping center is situated about 4 km from the city center . It has 180 shops , 10 bars , cafes and 5 restaurants. Also , it provides space for any kind of activities you want to have similar to Ring center .

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