Your Guide for the Best Food with the Best View in Istanbul

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Istanbul is a city where you can find every regions and even every other countries kitchen. Just like a labyrinth, you can get lost and find yourself in a whole different culture/place. There are lot's of options in Istanbul when it comes to food. You can enjoy the delicious seafood while gazing into mesmerizing Bosphorus, you can eat famous kebap on foot or eat in a historical restaurants after visiting Istiklal street, if you want to eat something with a traditional taste, you can always go to Sultanahmet and enjoy your food while feeling the history! Even if you are vegan, there are lot's of options when it comes to food with olive oil. And of course deserts... I don't even know where to begin when it comes to deserts in Turkey. But all I can say, you will definitely burn all of the calories while exploring the historical sites. To check them out, you can read my previous blog about Istanbul.

For the street foods, you can also check one of our lovely bloggers, İdil's blog .

Of course you can find lot's of amazing tastes on the street, but I will lead you another way since it would be shame if you end up not watching the amazing views of Istanbul AND enjoy the best food. So here is your guide about the best food in Istanbul with the best view in Istanbul!

BUT WAIT THERE IS MORE! As a bonus I prepared a little video for you which I am taking you to Eminönü and Kadıköy. Enjoy!

If you want to discover more about Istanbul, find your inspiration on itinari now!

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