Cover picture © credits to Zehrudin Isaković
Cover picture © credits to Zehrudin Isaković
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Zelengora: Bosnia's most beautiful mountain

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How many times did it happen to you, a true nature lover, that you were invited to explore the most beautiful mountain of one country? How many times was it a place that you and your peers have never heard of? And how many times have you desired to be alone while discovering that kind of beauty? If that's your dream, let me invite you to Zelengora, the most beautiful mountain of Bosnia & Herzegovina, a hidden gem of National Park Sutjeska. Ornamented with conifer forests and gorgeous glacial lakes, yet unknown to passionate hikers, Mt. Zelengora is rightly called awe-inspiring beauty of this country.

Eight “mountain eyes” – Zelengora Lakes

Picture © credits to National Park Sutjeska

As its name suggests (zelen=green, gora=mountain), Mt. Zelengora is a vast mountain range of 160 km2, covered by green forests and even greener meadows. This massif is located within the National Park Sutjeska, the most important one in Bosnia & Herzegovina. Mt. Zelengora spreads from the Mt. Lelija on the north, to Neretva River on the south-west and Sutjeska River on the east. Its most valuable treasures are eight glacial lakes, also known as “mountain eyes” of Zelengora. Scattered all around the mountain, these hidden gems are a genuine paradise for all nature lovers. Yet, very few of them know about Zelengora Lakes.

Hiking, cycling, swimming, photo & jeep safari

Picture © credits to mapraest

Considered the gentlest of all mountains in the Dinaric Alps, Mt. Zelengora is not a demanding mountain and therefore an ideal choice for family holidays. Its vast area is excellent for hiking, trekking and cycling thanks to its arranged and well-marked trails. Swimming in the crystal-clear lakes, collecting herbs, mushrooms and berries are just some of the pleasure to you can have here. Photo safari and jeep safari are also available. At Mt. Zelegora, you can find several mountain huts and shepherds cottages called “katuni”, that provide accommodation and delicious homemade food.

Last Europe’s habitat of brown bear

Picture © credits to National Park Sutjeska

An unspoiled nature of Mt. Zelengora boots in rich flora and fauna. Eagles, wolfs and chamoes sightings are pretty much common here, and if you are lucky, you might even see a brown bear, since this mountain is its last Europe’s habitat. Thanks to its remoteness and a complete absence of pollution, on the vast green meadows, one can find a huge number of endemic plants, particularly medicinal. When it comes to berries, this place is a heaven for all blueberry lovers. Every August, an event “Days of blueberry” gathers many passionate nature lovers at Mt. Zelengora.

Amazingly peaceful corner

Picture © credits to National Park Sutjeska

An untouched nature, crystal-clear water, wild animals and surreal views – that is Zelengora, the most beautiful mountain of Bosnia & Herzegovina. Who wouldn’t like to observe magnificent lakes hugged by splendid mountain and adorned by pure wildness? Who wouldn’t like to be among the first to discover such an amazingly peaceful corner? While in the National Park Sutjeska, I would strongly advise you to check out where to have an eagle’s eye view on Mt. Maglić & Perućica, before exploring Europe’s last jungle and conquering Bosnia’s highest summit.

Zelengora Mountain
Zelengora Mountain
Zelengora, Govza, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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