Tenisové Múzeum

Gagarinova 10A, 82105 Bratislava, Slovakia

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Discover the Tennis Legacy at Tenisové Múzeum in Bratislava

If you're a tennis enthusiast or simply curious about the sport's history, a visit to Tenisové Múzeum in Bratislava is an absolute must. As the first private tennis museum in Central and Eastern Europe, it offers a fascinating insight into the world of tennis and its Slovakian champions.

Unveiling the Slovak Hall of Fame

The museum's exhibition begins with the Slovak Hall of Fame, a tribute to the country's tennis legends. Here, you'll find a collection of exhibits showcasing the achievements of both past and present Slovakian tennis players. One standout piece is an oversized replica of Miloš Mečíř's tennis racket, the Olympic champion in Seoul 1988. This impressive display pays homage to his remarkable career and serves as a reminder of his contribution to the sport.

A World Record Collection of Wooden Tennis Rackets

As you explore further, you'll come across the museum's extensive collection of wooden tennis rackets. This remarkable assortment has earned a place in the Guinness World Records as the largest in the world. The variety of designs and styles on display is a testament to the evolution of tennis equipment over the years. From vintage classics to rare finds, these rackets offer a glimpse into the sport's rich history.

Delve into Tennis Memorabilia

Tenisové Múzeum doesn't stop at rackets. The museum also boasts a range of other valuable and unique tennis memorabilia. From autographed tennis balls to vintage tennis attire, each item tells a story and adds to the overall charm of the museum. Many of these artifacts have been acquired through careful curation and are either purchased or on loan, making the collection even more diverse and intriguing.

Immerse Yourself in Tennis History

Visiting Tenisové Múzeum is not just about admiring the exhibits; it's an opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich history of the sport. As you walk through the museum, you'll gain a deeper understanding of the impact tennis has had on Slovakian culture and its role in shaping the country's sporting identity. Whether you're a tennis aficionado or a casual observer, the museum offers a unique and educational experience for all.

Plan Your Visit

Tenisové Múzeum is located in Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia. The museum is easily accessible and can be reached by public transportation or car. It is open to visitors throughout the year, allowing you to explore its treasures at your convenience. Be sure to check the museum's website for the most up-to-date information on opening hours and any special exhibitions or events.


Tenisové Múzeum in Bratislava is a hidden gem for tennis enthusiasts and history buffs alike. With its impressive collection of tennis memorabilia, including the Guinness World Record collection of wooden rackets, the museum offers a captivating journey through the sport's past. Whether you're a fan of Slovakian tennis or simply curious about the game's evolution, a visit to Tenisové Múzeum is sure to leave you with a newfound appreciation for the sport and its cultural significance.

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