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itinari editor

You are passionate about travels, love to share your experiences with your friends or on the web. You might already have a prior experience as a blogger or an editor.

You live in or have discovered a region that you love, and whose secrets and hidden gems you would like to share with travellers looking for authenticity and local experiences.

Then, thinking about joining us as an itinari editor?

Send a mail to [email protected] ;). We’ll get in touch soon!

Intern for content generation

You are still a student or you recently graduated in tourism studies.

You show strong interest in international travels, are fluent in English and familiar with web applications.

While itinari is expanding its geographical reach, your role will be to ensure that we keep up with excellent coverage, both in quantity (number of activities we propose to travellers) as well as quality (we do not want to miss any must-see). To that end, you will use itinari tools and interact on a daily basis with the team.

Would you fit our team? Tell us what we miss on our map... or send a mail to [email protected] ;)