Russia is the largest, and ninth most populous country in the world. Moscow, its capital, is also the largest city worldwide.

Due to this largest area Russia features varied landscapes. The center of the country consists of broad plains with low hills. In the east part, you will find coniferous forest and tundra. The southern border regions are made of uplands and mountains. Much of the Russian Far East is made of mountains and volcanic ground. Russia offers many different playgrounds for tourists. Discover the strong history of the country in Saint Petersburg, admire the special architecture of Moscow, cross the country with the famous Trans-Siberian Railway, enjoy some time at the Black Sea in Sochi, wander around the region of Kamchatka known for its active volcanoes, geysers, mineral springs and bears walking in the streets... Many parts of Russia are unknown to tourists but can reveal many beautiful hidden gems!

Credits to istock/yulenochekk

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