Picture © Credits to iStock/SimonDannhauer
Picture © Credits to iStock/SimonDannhauer

Costa Rica

Placed at the very heart of central America, embraced by two oceans and colored by exotic greeneries and volcanoes, Costa Rica is a land full of surprises and – still rather unknown- interesting facts, such as the following: it is a world leader in renewable energy use as about 90% of its electrical power comes from green sources. The Costa Rican government estimates that soon Costa Rica will be the first carbon-free country in the world....

Another fact about Costa Rica is that more than 25% of the land’s territory was turned into National Parks, Reserves and Protected Areas in order to preserve the country’s natural beauty. Despite its rather small size in comparison with many other Latin and Central American countries, Costa Rica is home to an incredibly rich plethora of natural biodiversity. More than 5% of the world’s fauna and flora are found here and many researchers consider Costa Rica a ‘Paradise on Earth’. 'Pura Vida' is the country’s motto. It means much more than just ‘pure life’ as it is in fact a life style in itself that most Costa Rican embrace: a life style of tranquillity, of happiness found in simple things and of satisfaction with the bare necessities. Whether you are surfing or sunbathing on a beach, hiking in solitude or dancing in the cities, Costa Rica will be a unique and unforgettable experience.

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