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For travellers with taste, itinari is you buddy to prepare your next trip. Cut the boring trip planning, no more over-marketed-all-in-one vacation, make your trip look like you.


Nicolas Casula

Founder, Management

The idea behind itinari came to Nicolas mind a few years ago when he crossed the world together with his wife, going through Latin America, Asia, Oceania. His appetite for travel, mixed with both technical and business backgrounds, enabled him to think through the concept and turn it into a business project.

Antoine Dejonckheere

Full-stack development

Antoine is always enthusiastic about discovering new area and cultures, whether on the other side of the globe or just a few miles away. With a double degree in engineering and business combined with a passion for tech startups, Antoine likes bridging business requirements and technical implementation.

Maddy Brugali

Creative director

After she discovered the rather unknown beauty of the Norwegian fjords, Maddi has been wondering how many more mysterious gems the world was hiding. She kept travelling from stunning US National Parks to the coast of Australia and the immense plains of Asia. Her passion for people, cultures and her marketing expertise brought her here where she discovered that she could travel even while sitting at her desk.

Manon Vanschepdael

Digital communication

Since she started studying communication at IHECS, Manon has spent a lot of time on socials. Dreaming about her next travel, following influencers all around the world… After she left Europe for the first time, she felt the strong desire to discover new areas and cultures. She is constantly looking for new experiences to get out of her comfort zone. Her favorite moment when she travels? Taking pictures to bring memories home.

Roxane Casula

Content development

In love with our little blue planet, Roxane graduated with a bachelor in tourism. Curious and dynamic, she is always eager to discover new things. Whether roots or more organized, she appreciates any kind of travel and enjoys the beauty of nature and different cultures.

Leandre Gohy

Technical lead

Leandre is a tech enthusiast, he started learning software development and electronics when he was only 9. With a degree in computer sciences specialized in system architecture, network and telecommunication, he has a thorough understanding about software and hardware interactions. He's passionate about analyzing how things work and bringing the best solution to any problem. Also he likes eating pasta ... like a lot !

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