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In their search for authenticity, travelers are now looking for more unique escapades.

itinari make those easier to find, to like... and to experience. Anywhere. And always with amazing locals.

Earth is big. Why stick to common places?

Why do less when you can do better? Together with our local insiders, explore thousands of nearby and faraway destinations, where travel can still be enjoyed as it should.

Only locals can make it truly local.

Feel the vibe! Spread across the world, our editors are, before anything else, passionate locals fascinated by their region, province or country. A vibrant passion that they now share with you, through their exclusive itinari stories.

Born out of love. Created with passion.

nicolas casula

nicolas casula


The idea behind Itinari came to Nicolas a few years ago when he crossed the world together with his wife, going through Latin America, Asia, Oceania. His appetite for travel, mixed with both technical and business backgrounds, enabled him to think through the concept and turn it into a business project.
Since the end of 2022, Itinari is part of Live the World. You can read all about their story on Live the World

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