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Situated at the very heart of Latin America, Bolivia is a country of superlative nature, fascinating culture and intriguing and mysterious history....

Bolivia is home to some very peculiar sites that reveal just how unique this country is. Among its many attractions, Lake Titicaca is one of the most visited, being the Latin American’s continent largest lake and straddling the border with Bolivia’s northern neighboring country Peru. On the south-western part, the highlands have several natural wonders and is one of the driest places on Earth. A portion of Bolivia’s territory is also occupied by the Earth’s Lungs, the Amazon Basin Rainforest that separate the eastern part of this country from Brazil and that preserve a beautiful, rich and yet very delicate ecosystem. Bolivia is also known for its mountains, the Andes among others, which surprise visitors with stunning landscapes, chilly temperatures and interesting culture and history. From the Inca empire archeological sites (and from the even older ones) to its modern cities such as La Paz, Bolivia’s administrative capital placed at 3500 mt. above the sea level -among the highest cities in the world, Bolivia will fascinate anyone who dares to enter its lands and towns. A travel in Bolivia means history, culture, nature, gastronomy and so much more.

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