Picture © Credits to istock/R.M. Nunes
Picture © Credits to istock/R.M. Nunes


Positioned along the Equator and rich in culture, natural diversity and history, Colombia is a must-visit country in South America. After being considered a difficult destination to reach for travellers and tourists, Colombia is now considered not only safe for visitors but also an incredibly soulful place with warm and welcoming people....

It is a land of extremes: from snow-capped mountains to clear warm ocean waters, from hot herbal drinks in the capital Bogota’ to refreshing drinks close to the jungle, from ancient mysteries about la Ciudad Perdida to ever-changing modern history in Cartagena. Colombia is best discovered through the voices and the stories of the local storytellers, at the markets and bazars and in the streets where the people gather and socialize. These stories will tell about a far away past when the land was owned by tribes, which explains many of the cities and squares’ names. They will also tell about the colonial times, when the European entered and change the country’s path and shaped the Colombia we know today. And through the stories, many moments of modern history will find an explanation while many other will not, as Colombia is a country that is still healing from recent wounds related to drug trafficking and money laundering. Colombia is also a land where music and sounds play an important role. Listen to Colombians playing their local instruments and dancing in the cities at every market or square on Sunday mornings, as this way of expression is widely spread among the population. Or just listen to Shakira, her songs tell much about this country too!

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