Picture © Credits to istock/Can400
Picture © Credits to istock/Can400


The region of Siberia is located in the geographical center of Russia. It’s the largest of Russia and it covers almost 10% of the Earth surface!...

This area is particularly attractive for lovers of wide open spaces, isolated places, where nature still reigns. Most inhabitants live in the south, along the Trans-Siberian Railway, where the temperature is milder and more favourable to human settlements. For the record, this region contains the Yakutia Republic, whose some villages are among the coldest permanently inhabited places on the planet, with record low temperatures (less than - 70.0°C recorded). The most common activities are mushroom picking, hiking, biking, alpine sports, whitewater rafting, cross country skiing, dog sledding, reindeer herding. The region is also home to the deepest and purest lake in the world: Baikal Lake. Altai Mountain is also very popular among eco tourism, rafting and for its stunning scenery.

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