Picture © Credits to istock/Anatoliy Berislavskiy
Picture © Credits to istock/Anatoliy Berislavskiy


Ural is a region that is located at the crossroads of Asia and Europe. It borders the Arctic Ocean in the North, and Kazakhstan in the South....

Like many other areas in the country, it is a gift to nature enthusiasts. First and foremost, the Urals are famous for hiking and climbing. Besides, there are many other things to do : discovering caves, wandeling in national parks, mountains and reserve, swimming in hot springs… Yekaterinburg is definitely a very interesting place to stop by, along with other smaller towns that relate more to Russian culture such as the city of Perm, Neviansk falling tower, Arkaim (an ancient Slavic city-observatory).

Cities and towns to visit in Ural

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