Picture © Credits to istock/Yulenochekk
Picture © Credits to istock/Yulenochekk

Northwest Russia

The region borders Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Belarus, the Baltic Sea and the Arctic Ocean. The main city of the region is Saint Petersburg, the city of Princes and revolutions....

In Saint Petersburg, you will visit The Ermitage museum, walk in the Nevsky Prospekt, and you will straight away understand why it is the most touristic city of Russia. That said, and if time is your ally, remember that Novgorod, one of the oldest cities in the country, should not be left behind. The region has a great cultural heritage, and if you are a fan, you should pay a visit there. Beside cities, you might be willing to visit the Vyborg fortress, the Kirillo-Belozersky Monastery, the lakes Ladoga and Onega, the Solovetsky islands, Valam monastery in Karelia, the Virgin Komi Forest and much more!

Cities and towns to visit in Northwest Russia

Things to do and see in Northwest Russia, per interest