Picture © Credits to istock/Denis Larkin
Picture © Credits to istock/Denis Larkin

Central Region

This region of Russia is the economic and administrative center of the country. It played a major role in Russian history, being the cradle of revolutions and other events that have helped to shape the country's destiny....

Moreover, the majority of tourists tend to visit only Moscow, the capital, missing many other interesting places around. Indeed, the region is hiding awesome secret spots, such as Bogolyubovo (a small village known for its white stone monastery and churches), Ethnomir (an ethnic village); the battlefields of Kulikovo Pole; Lake Seliger; the vast forest of Meschera, Plescheevo Ozero National Park; Prioksko-Terrasny Nature Reserve… The region is also one of the terminuses of the amazing Trans-Siberian Railway. For first timers in Russia, this region is a must-see.

Cities and towns to visit in Central Region

Things to do and see in Central Region, per interest