Picture © Credits to istock/Falombini
Picture © Credits to istock/Falombini


The east-central region of France famous for its wines “ Les grands crus “ (including Côte de nuit and Chablis...) and gastronomy (including the famous Dijon mustard...) whose reputation long ago travelled far and wide....

It offers very diverse landscapes, from plains and meadows to the north adjacent to the Parisian and Grand-Est Region, to the foothills of the Centre Region in the west, and in the east, bordering with Switzerland, Germany and Italy. It is a mandatory thoroughfare for the flow of people and merchandise in transit between Northern Europe and the Mediterranean. Often underestimated in terms of its potential for tourism, the region is mainly rural and green. It is made from small villages, lakes and forests and seeks to promote an ecotourism centred on its natural treasures. In winter, the green turns into white thanks to its continental climate, and the foothills of the Vosges and the Jura Mountains offer winter sports lovers a delightful terrain of snow and ice. This, too, is a terrain shaped by history, as we are reminded by the many churches, abbeys and castles scattered across its territory.

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