Picture © Credits to istock/JoseIgnacioSoto
Picture © Credits to istock/JoseIgnacioSoto


A historic region in the west-central part of Spain, bordering Portugal, at the heart of ancient Lusitania. Seen as a thoroughfare since it is not yet well known in its own right despite its cultural attractions, travellers mainly transit through it on their way to Portugal or Andalusia....

Since the age of the Conquistadors , its continental climate and hot summers have made Extremadura a land of emigration for its inhabitants in search of greener pastures. Fortunately, the Tagus River which runs right through it provides relief, with its humid riverbed, from the zone's relatively rugged and desolate countryside. The cities of Mérida and Cáceres, ideal stopping-off points in the midst of an ecosystem of nature parks, offer archaeological and historical sites, respectively, of great richness.

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