Picture © Credits to istock/Swen_Stroop
Picture © Credits to istock/Swen_Stroop


Scotland is a fantastic mix of exciting and modern cities, rugged highlands, airy lakes (called lochs) and grassy plains. Scotland shares a border with England to the South, and then has the cold and wild Atlantic Ocean and North Sea surrounding the other three sides....

The country also has almost 800 islands scattered around its coastline, with the largest and best known being the wind-swept little pieces of land called Shetland and Orkney (the Northern Isles) on the north-eastern coast and the Inner and Outer Hebrides on the north-western coast. Many people will know of some of the proud Scottish history from the hugely popular film ‘Braveheart’, about a famous rebel leader called William Wallace. The country has always had a somewhat difficult relationship with its English neighbours to the South, with a millennium of conflict and raiding before becoming part of Great Britain in the beginning of the 18th Century and part of the United Kingdom in the beginning of the 19th Century. Visiting Scotland is easy, with airports in Edinburgh and Glasgow, Aberdeen and Inverness. You can also reach it easily by train from almost any city in England. The most visited city in Scotland is undoubtedly Edinburgh, where charming streets, a dominating and historic castle and beautiful scenery all come together. Many people also visit the Cairngorms National Park in the northern part, and the Trossachs National Park to the west.

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