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During the rule of the Austria-Hungary over the Krivošije region, Crkvice was used up as the base military camp. The fortifications, including Fort Kom (Crkvice Ostfort) and Fort Stražnik (Crkvice Westfort), were built by the Austro-Hungarian soldiers in the first half of the 19th Century, and represented the furthest fortification towards the border with Montenegro. During that period, over 150 objects were built in Crkvice, including military training grounds, hotel, tennis court, bowling alley, football field with stands for 1,000 spectators, cinema, church, bakery, hospital, post office, stables, and even a funicular. During the Austro-Hungarian period, Crkvice had up to 10,000 inhabitants. Crkvice bakery was the largest in Balkans at the time, having produced 24 tons of bread per day.

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