Fonias Gorge – To faraggi tou fonia

Samothraki, 680 02, Greece

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One of the largest and most famous water resources of the region is Fonias, a water stream which generously offers a series of spectacular waterfalls, water slides and vathres on a white granite rocky background. You can start hiking on a magnificent area—5 km from Therma— that seems to come alive out of images of children's fairy tales of enchanted forests, nymphs and elves. You will then reach the first vathra after about an easy 30 minute walk on a marked path through rich plane trees. There, one sees one of the most attractive and popular granite vathres of a great size where a small waterfall ends. Yet here comes the difficult part, since to reach the next numerous vathres one should start hiking. The path leads high up to Gerania Vathra, where there is another waterfall, and then after a demanding two-hour climbing up one arrives at Kleidosi, the tallest waterfall of Fonias (35meters height). The more one climbs to get to the next vathra, the harder it gets since the rocks are slippery while the slope is great.

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