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Your secret greek island; hippie Samothraki

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Travel Tips For East Macedonia and Thrace

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Being Greek, I’ve many times found myself in conversations where I’ve been constantly asked by international people to provide them with info about the “hidden” and not touristic islands that are worth-visiting while in Greece. The options of where to go in Greece are seemingly endless, and they all look great. Whatever you’re after, a holiday in Greece has something for everyone, it’s just a question of knowing where to look!

To get to the point and save you some time from crawling into the web for info, I’ve decided to start this series of pages, "your secret greek island" during which I’ll be presenting you each week an awesome greek island, out of the beaten track! I’ll do my best to provide you with the most local suggestions about each one of them; promise! Whether you’re looking for a romantic holiday with your significant other and your family, or a party vacation with your group of friends, stay tuned, cause I’m pretty sure that in this series you’ll find what you’re seeking for!


Samothraki is one of the most magnificent islands that I’ve ever been. Recently I have read that Samotraki ranks among the 10 first undiscovered and unspoiled natural paradises worldwide. The imposing mountainous heart of the island paired with its pristine nature are just what explorers and adventure lovers could ever wish for: crossing gorges, trekking, mountaineering, mountain bike, paragliding, rafting, kayak, diving will be amongst your choices if you want to go active. But Mother Nature has been generous to Samothrace in geothermal richness too!

Samothraki, an alternative tourism paradise
Samothraki, an alternative tourism paradise
Samothraki, 680 02, Greece


Known for its theraupetic and majestic waters, Samothraki is full of water-courses that flow down the mountain in a radial shape, creating that way the famous Vathres. (Fonias, Gria Vathra, Tsivdogiannis, Kremastos, Gyali...). The term vathres is specific for Samothraki island. It actually refers to a small lake created at the feet of a waterfall, which is formed after the water has run through a canyon (i.e. successive natural pools formed in the rocks with crystal, deep-green waters).


Samothraki is also known in Greece as the hippies’ island, where the majority of the visitors choose for their accommodation, the campsite. There are 2 kinds of camping offered for your accommodation in the island, and you can choose either the free one (literally in the nature) or the semi-organised campsite. The second in fact is a fenced forest, where the water is incredibly frozen (believe me) and facilities such as electricity, clean water and toilets are provided. Nevertheless, the first one is the one that gathers most people. Camping in the pure nature helps you escape reality! You disconnect and you discover your inner self while spending a few days in such beautiful landscapes!


As soon as you arrive to the island, you instantly get the feeling that hitchhiking is a totally acceptable way of transportation all over the place. On every road, you’ll definitely find people characteristically raising their hand, trying to find someone who goes towards their preferred direction. If you’re traveling by car and you’ve a free spot, feel free to stop and pick up someone from the road, while if you’re one of those looking for a way to get to somewhere, again feel free to hitchhike without overthinking about it!

Therma; the island's hotspot (the only place with electricity, cafeterias and wifi)

When the sun goes down everyone moves towards Therma. Therma, apart from being popular for their therapeutic springs, are also considered to be the hotspot of the island. People go to "Therma" to drink coffee, beer, tsipouro and to try traditional delicacies (mezedes). In the evenings, the place gets quite crowded and filled with people playing the guitar and the bouzouki (traditional greek instrument), and singing all along!

Therma Springs
Therma Springs
Samothraki 680 02, Greece

Nudism; yes, in Samothraki it is common.

There are many lonely beaches in Samothraki which are perfect for nudism, and also 2 natural pools along the river of Fonias. There is no mass tourism and therefore you can find quite a number of lonely beaches. Another popular beach, ideal for people who prefer "naturism", is Kipos Beach, on the east side of Samothraki. Kipos Beach is accessible by bus, and in general, it's very quiet, with bright waters and a peaceful atmosphere!

Ready to release your inner self and spend your holiday into the pure nature?

Stay tuned, more island suggestions are about to be revealed soon! Cheers!

Ⓒ Picture copyrights: Evi Mariola

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Chrisa Lepida

Chrisa Lepida

My name is Chrisa and I come from Greece. As nature lover, winter sports addict and Erasmus obsessed, I’m always writing about these topics.

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